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We are Certified, Insured, Professional, experienced dog trainers. ! We do not hire “geographic” trainers to send out to your home, based on where you live.
When you decide on us, what you see is what you get. We are very particular about what we do, how your dog is handled, and how you – the owner – are educated. Andy and JoAnn love what we do, and quite simply, we do it the best… and it shows through thousands of satisfied Arizona dog owners.

Andy has over 40 years of training experience and Joann has 18 years of experience. We are endorsed, at the highest level, by several Dog Training Associations with memberships in good standing. We have HUNDREDS of references, both on the internet and in writing. We have won “Best Of Greater Phoenix” for 5 years in a row.

We are contributors to the Arizona Republic, Andy is the only trainer in town to have been interviewed by all local TV Stations,(channels 3,5,8,10,12, and 15) as well as Radio Stations both solo and with JoAnn, and has filmed dozens of commercials as well as 6 feature length motion pictures and TV productions. Andy has been interviewed in numerous local and national publications, even the National Enquirer! No one else in town can say that.

Segments from Andy and JoAnns highly acclaimed and peer endorsed “Never, Never, Hit Your Dog” has been featured in a variety of trade publications. Both Andys and JoAnns original instructor programs have been accredited by the Arizona State Department of Economic Security.

When the non-profit organization from Ohio, Miracle Dogs Of Hope, placed a medical alert dog in Chandler, they interviewed several trainers and choose JoAnn as their on site trainer. JoAnn is one of only 3 trainers in the state of Arizona endorsed by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors.

Remember, there are many, new, well intentioned dog trainers in town, some make claims they can’t substantiate. Anybody can say anything on their website. Be careful choosing a dog trainer, you’re hiring someone to come into your home and interact with your family and your fuzzy friend.

Please click on either of these links to see past or current reviews:
Best Of Greater Phoenix                          Best Local Business
Also, check us out at Meet The Trainers or better yet – give us a call.

You can contact Andy if you live in North/Central Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding cities as well as the West Valley.


Email: Andy

Or call JoAnn if you live in the East Valley, Awahtukee, and Tempe.


Email: JoAnn

Find out what makes our Doggy Boot Camp programs unique or experience our professional approach to training in your home.

How To Choose a Dog Trainer

1. Don’t fall for slick advertising. When searching the internet, many consumers do not know that the very first results displayed are PAID ADVERTISEMENTS called “sponsored links”. Keep looking down the page and look for relevant unpaid search results.

Click on the links below for real references from real clients……

Reviews, Best of Greater Phoenix
Reviews. Best Local Business References
Credentials – Andy                 Credentials- JoAnn

3. Do your homework – look for reliable, current references and don’t hesitate to contact the company and ask for additional references.

4. Check out if there are any complaints against the trainer or the company and its employees. Bear in mind dog training can be subjective, look for reasonable issues that have been resolved!

5. It is generally a SALES tactic to offer “FREE in-home evaluations” – be wary of trainers that offer to come to your home for free or nominal charges. A professional trainer’s time and knowledge are valuable! If you have to sign a contract and pay in full on the initial visit, be wary !

6. What methods does the trainer employ? Do you want a trainer that stands in front of your dog with food in their hand or a treat bag? (bribery)
Some owners are comfortable with shock collars. (we’re not) Some owners are willing to use pinch collars and harsh corrections (We’re not).
The point is, make sure you are aware of the methods the trainer will be using BEFORE you sign a training agreement.

7. WHO will be training your dog? Will you meet with the same trainer for each session? Is the trainer certified by a professional organization or only by the Franchise or company employing the trainer?

8. A dog trainer that promotes themselves by trying to discredit another trainer is unprofessional! When you hire someone, regardless of the service involved, look for professional behavior !




We Do Not Use Shock Collars