Today we will talk about some of the possible things that can happen if issues are not addressed as soon as possible when training a dog. The first point of this article is to make sure you understand how important it is to train your dog at a young age. This is the time in a dog’s life when they take in the most information and are able to understand new things. If you try to correct a dog’s behavior at the age of 7 this will only confuse the dog and will result in greater effort on your part as well as the dog to ‘undo’ what has already been done.

dalmatians-2260986_1920A few of the most common issues that people do not address soon enough include jumping, chewing, and chasing cars or individuals traveling down the road. These are all examples of issues that you must correct early on to prevent these types of behaviors from being a lifelong occurrence. The best way to correct these type of actions is to correct the dog when he or she does these things and to reward the dog when they refrain from them. This use of both positive and negative reinforcement is highly effective.

For the reward part of your training, you may choose to use things such as treats, playing with the dog, and petting. These all show the dog that they have done well and that you are pleased with their actions. For the correction, it is important that you do not use physical correction as that is not effective and may undermine your postions as leader. These actions will correct the dog’s bad behavior due to the negative outcome of the behavior exhibited. This is a sure thing to help if not be a complete solution for any and all behaviors you may want to change. It is important to educate yourself to know what types of behaviors different breeds may be prone to. This will help you to prepare for the training and to know which method will work best for you and your pet.

In conclusion, dog training is most effective in the early age of the animal. If issues occur and are not corrected swiftly you may have a greater challenge later on. If you would like to learn more about the breed of dog you are training you can contact us and schedule a home visit for an evaluation.