Did the cute little puppy you brought home just turn into the devil ? Many new dog owners bring home a sweet, cute, “follows me everywhere” mellow little puppy only to discover that this was just a stage ! Now, your puppy has reached the equivalent of the “terrible twos in children”; and has become your worst nightmare.
Most owners struggle with the first step in training a new puppy …..housetraining !
We can make this process easy on both owner and pup and help prevent common mistakes new puppy owners make. With our ” Puppy Start” program, in addition to housetraining, we teach new owners how to avoid problems and reinforce good behavior, including: channeling teething, and mouthing, how to encourage an off leash sit and come, socialization techniques; and more or less everything you need to know to have a solid foundation while the pup grows to the ripe old age of 16 weeks, at which point he/she is ready for formalized obedience training.
Consultations are also available on breed suitability to assist you in making the right choice and preparing for “the new arrival”!
……..An except from our Training Manual :


If you take your puppy home at seven weeks he will be physically immature, but his brain will have reached full adult status. Dr. Scoff’s research shows that this is the best time in a dog’s life to establish dog-human relationships. This is why you, the dog’s owner and trainer, should be in the picture at this time. By feeding him you will take the place of his mother. The attachments the puppy makes now will directly affect his attitude toward receiving formalized training later. Seven to twelve weeks is the time most conducive for a pup to begin training and to establish a permanent relationship with his boss – you!