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We Specialize in private training, in your home!

Why ?

That’s where the problems occur ! FACT: dogs behave WHERE they are trained! We receive many calls from owners that have already taken their dog to a group class who tell us “it didn’t work!”. There are several reasons why this is so common….

One of the first rules of dog training is: train with no distractions! A group class puts you and your dog under conditions that make it difficult for your dog to focus and learn! Many owners become frustrated (sometimes embarrassed about their “bad dog” ) and simply give up! With our programs, we gear the training to you, your family, and your particular dog – there is no “One Size Fits All” approach! More importantly, you and your dog get undivided attention and, what’s even better – we have FUN and
so does your dog!

Later, a group classes can sometimes be appropriate for “practice” around the distractions of people and other dogs. Be sure to choose wisely – find someone highly qualified and don’t choose a class by price!

For those of you with busy schedules, we also offer training at our Phoenix Facility and “Residential Boot Camp” , these programs are follwed up with private training in your home !

Our programs are custom designed to fit the personality of your dog, and your schedule and situation. We employ proven techniques scientifically designed to produce optimal, quick, and lasting results. We are available by phone to our clients in between the weekly sessions IN YOUR HOME, and our all new training manual “NEVER… NEVER HIT YOUR DOG!” is a valuable aid. This “book”, and the video we offer as well as access to the “members only” section of our site, along with available phone and video consultations, and live chat while we are on line; are other available options for our out of town clientele as well!


The new “Never, Never,…Hit Your dog” seventy page manual

Unlimited instruction for the lifetime of your dog!

Special Access to the exclusive members only area here.

sm-pawprintA Pawsitive Approachsm-pawprint

Our Methods are reward based !
Years ago, there was a style and philosophy about training dogs that was formulated on the following facts :

Dogs learn based on how they feel when they are doing something.
A dog will avoid an unpleasant consequence.
While that concept has some merit in application, many trainers became harsh, carrying “corrections” way too far. There was little emphasis and focus on the dogs positive (good) behavior. Hence, this style of training translated into the dogs thought process this way…..negative

Today, training methods have gone full circle and now present the following thought process in your dogs’ minds eye…positiveYou can see our point…… we focus on the positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement! There’s a big difference!

To learn more, please email, or better yet, phone for a FREE CONSULTATION !

We can help you with anything from………

sm-pawprintHELP ! My dog is driving me crazy !!!



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