JoAnn and Andy are members, at the highest level (Professional) of the International Association of Canine Professionals,a group of trainers, veterinarians, and other professionals dedicated to the well being of dogs.With a IACP member, you’re in Safe Hands.

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How many times have you given your dog a command only to find him ignoring you until you have to repeat yourself, “raise” your voice, or “physically force” him to respond?This lack of respect can also lead to behavior problems including house soiling, destructiveness, aggressiveness, wildness, etc. So why suffer with a dog that behaves only when he feels like it, when you can join the millions of dog owners who have discovered the joy and satisfaction of living with a well trained dog?

We are Certified, Insured, Professional, experienced dog trainers. When you decide on us, what you see is what you get!
We are very particular about what we do, how your dog is handled, and how you – the owner – are educated. Therefore, we do not send out hired trainers or sales people. Andy and JoAnn love what they do, and quite simply, they do it the best… and it shows through thousands of satisfied Arizona dog owners.

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Widespread experience

Humane training methodology and gentle, effective handling skills.

A genuine love of and devotion to dogs.

Extensive behavioral knowledge.

Good teaching and communication skills.

A sense of humor.

Affiliations with reputable associations, organizations and training.


AND keep in mind….ANYBODY can say ANYTHING on their website. “we” can be just one person, pictures can be posted of dogs that are not only not their own, but were not trained by them, and volumes of information of dog training theory, which may or may not be fully understood by the trainer or the public, can be researched, typed up, and presented. Worse than that, unless you are talking to Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, watch out for self-proclaimed “whisperers”, “dog gurus”, “trainers to the stars”, self-proclaimed #1 in the state, Number One in the country, non-accredited self proclaimed “behaviorists”, “world renowned” and so on.