Meet JoAnn Bluth  – CDT IACP, Master Gilbert Dog Trainer ACABC

New to the valley since 1999, but no stranger to dog training, JoAnn began her career in Pennsylvania at an AKC sanctioned dog school. A psychology major and an executive in the travel industry, JoAnn left the corporate world in favor of the world of dogs and training. JoAnn and Andy met over a course in dog nutrition, and when comparing methods and helping each other with their busy schedules, decided to join forces in the Valley. JoAnn is a contributor to the Arizona Republic.
More than just your everyday obedience and commands that other trainers teach, JoAnn has focused on dog psychology and behavior modification. Her credentials include :
  •   Endorsed Member of the prestigious NADOI, the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
  •   Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals
  •   Certification at the highest level , Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors
  •   National Dog Trainers Association
  •   Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  •   Therapy Dogs International
  •   Animal Behavior Society
  •   Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  •   American Dog Owners Association
  •   United States Dog Agility Association
  •   Referred to by the Dog Trainers Referral Network
  •   Published by the University of Cornell’s Veterinary Magazine “Dogwatch Magazine”
  •   Contributor to University of Connecticut’s Trainer Research
  •   Contributor to Animal Behavior Counselors of Americas’ Newsletter
  •   Contributor to Arizona Pet Magazine (articles & advice written jointly by JoAnn and Andy)
  •   Contributor to “TOP TIPS FROM TOP TRAINERS”,  a new book published by APDT, now in bookstores!
  •   On site trainer for “Miracle Dogs of Hope”, Medical Alert Dogs
Once a member of the Maryland Ballet Company, JoAnn enjoys the “people teaching” aspect of working with families and their canine friends. Even more than that, there’s the satisfaction of keeping dogs that were once “problem children” happily fitting back into their human families home! JoAnn is Veterinarian recommended, and has solved problems and trained dogs for Valley families since 1999.

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