The mutual relationship between humans and dogs has endured thousands of years and in all likelihood will continue to endure for many years to come. However, the roles assigned to either party have changed significantly owing to the civilization of human beings. Consequently, dogs have been negatively affected by a lack of knowledge into their inherent behaviors and lack of commitment to training.girl-1561943_1920

As such, many animal behavior specialists concur that the changing environment in which dogs are being raised is increasingly causing a change in their behavior. More often than not, the change in dogs’ behavior has tended to be negative. Some of the bad habits may seem innocent and quite natural but once such behaviors are reinforced, they become problematic.

Among the most common bad behaviors common with many dogs include:

#1. Aggression – For young dogs, the development of aggression is a result of few. When faced with a fearful scenario, young dogs tend to react by being aggressive in an effort to ward off the danger. Natural as this response is, there is a huge probability of such aggression being dangerous, especially of left unchecked.

#2. Jumping – Jumping in dogs is usually a sign of excitement. Therefore, most families tend to ignore such behaviors. However, the behavior can become reinforced, leading to the dog to jumping whenever it wants food and attention, which is not healthy.

#3. Guarding – Guarding food, toys, or any other resource is a sign of bad socialization of a dog. It can become quite dangerous if left unchecked.

#4. Play Biting And Chewing – Play biting emanates from their age-old habit of practicing hunting. However, in today’s modern era, hunting with the assistance of dogs is not a common function of dogs. This behavior is common among young dogs as part of growing and socialization. However, there is a potential of this behavior becoming destructive.

With this in mind, we have been forced to turn to behavior training to wane such unacceptable behaviors in our dogs. As you can appreciate, the vast majority of these negative and unsociable behaviors begin while the dog is still young.
Many people have taken to coddling and spoiling their dogs, while it’s understandable that you love your pet, we are a big proponent of a healthy and behaviorally appropriate love for your pet, one that will not create bad behaviors, or undermine your authority as a pack-leader. Call us today for more information and schedule your evaluation.