If you have recently hired a dog trainer to help you train your dog, you might wonder what type of credentials they actually have. For many years, those that offer these services really did not have to be formally educated. They were simply trained through some type of self-education. Their resumes may have stated that they have worked with dogs for decades, and they might also have testimonials from happy clients. However, it is very important to find a dog trainer that has some type of certification that will indicate that they actually do know how to train dogs. Let’s go over what this certification actually is, and why it is so important to check credentials of the dog trainer that you are currently using.

What Are Dog Trainer Certifications?

These certifications can come from many different organizations. For many years, people have had their training through the American Kennel Club. There are also organizations where they actually teach individuals how to provide training for dogs, and may actually have a certification from one of these companies. Some of these professionals may have college degrees that relate in some way to the training that they offer. There are also organizations such as the Animal Behavior College which actually offers a full program on dog training which includes behavior modification, basic principles, and structured routines that can help with training your dog.

Why Is It Important To Verify That They Have Credentials?

If you open a dialogue with your dog trainer, and ask about the credentials that they have, most of them will be happy to tell you about their training. They may show you some type of certification that they have received from one of these organizations, and discuss the different types of training that they have received. This will give you confidence that you are spending your money with a professional that has taken the time to improve their ability to train dogs of any species. Some of them might be short-term programs, whereas others may offer advanced certification that will be much more comprehensive.play-2081646_1920

By knowing that your dog trainer has gone through specific training from a group or organization, and that they have completed this training, you will know that your dog is in good hands. Obviously, the changes that you see in your dog are going to be evidence of this training, or at least the ability to train canines. Whether you are having them teach your dog to sit, stay, or to learn certain commands, all of this will be covered when they talk to you about their business. If this individual also has a dog trainer certification from a recognized dog training school, this is an additional reason to use this individual to train your dog.

While formal education is not always available for dog trainers, the communication that you have with a potential dog trainer is invaluable. Learning why they chose this profession, what is important to them for credentials, and what their training philosophy is will go far in determing is they are the dog trainer for you! Call A Canine Academy for an evaluation today.