Canine dental treats have become very popular.

The reason? Concerned pup parents want to keep their dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Dogs love them! Dental chews claim to supplement dog’s dental care by cleaning teeth, freshening breath, and helping to reduce plaque buildup and tartar. And you pay for that promise: some dental treats are more than $2 each. If you are feeding your dog one a day that’s $730 a year in just chews. And, in my opinion, the dog is EATING, not chewing, and filling up on dog junk food in the process.DogBrush


When asked if dental treats are worth investing in, my Vet said “I do think these products are ‘worth it’ but not as a sole means of keeping the teeth clean. I think they are an adjunctive therapy to daily brushing and annual dental cleaning.”

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day is the best way to achieve good dental health!


Your pup may absolutely hate his toothbrush (like most dogs), but he sure isn’t immune to the dangers of plaque and tartar, brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis is the gold standard when it comes to canine health care.   Having said that, even the most devoted “dog teeth brushing” owners still need to have your dogs teeth professionally cleaned – just like we humans do.   The reality is, the only way to get that tartar off your dogs’ teeth is to have it scraped off with the correct dental instrument.   If you are fortunate enough to own a “chewer” the length of time between cleaning is less –

Make sure your dog is chewing, not eating –  there’s a big difference.