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cm-favicon You love your dog, but your dog does some things (maybe lots of things) you are not happy with .. like jumping on you, your company, the kitchen counter, running out the door, stealing your stuff, pulling you down the street, digging holes in your yard, or  nastier things like growling and nipping at strangers, or even you and your family. Call A Canine Academy, Best Phoenix Dog Training, today !

Andy Luper and JoAnn Bluth specialize in canine behavior. We are experienced, certified, insured, professional dog trainers and behaviorists.  We are Not a Franchise, We do NOT send out hired trainers based on location. Be sure to check out: Meet The Trainers and our credentials. We have over 40 years experience here in Phoenix.

Changing your dog’s behavior can be easier and faster than you think.  You may feel “I don’t have the patience to train my dog” or “training my dog is going to take so much of my time ”  You CAN change your dogs’ behavior with targeted, proven techniques In YOUR HOME!   We use proven, kind, and effective programs in Phoenix, Az, Chandler, Gilbert, Valleywide, and… WE ARE KIND TO DOGS!
We also offer Doggie Boot Camps!


New Puppy?   Don’t wait for problems to develop!  Our Puppy Training Program gets you off to the right start! Our Basic Obedience Dog Training and Behavior Problem Programs promise you a well-mannered companion dog and “harmony in the house”. Call us today for Puppy Training Phoenix!

There are links to sites where you’ll find over 150 reviews from real people who will tell you about their dog training experience with us. We hope you’ll click on the links we provide to read these dog training success stories! Best Local Business and Best of Greater Phoenix.

It should be stated that our approach is to not only train your canine companion but also you, the owner, on how to communicate with your dog.  Dog training is also people training! You’ll learn how to provide the leadership your dog is looking for. Proper leadership provides your dog with security and guidance.  We’ll help you develop your dog’s desire to please you: the owner.

Together we can open the avenues of communication and respect between you and your precious pet.   It’s really true, and you’ll see it happen in minutes. Be sure to read some of our many reviews!

We are the Best Dog Training for 6 years running, Phoenix Dog Training by Joann and Andy, Andy is the Dog Trainer Phoenix and Joann is the Dog Training Chandler



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